PowerOak EB150 1500Wh +2Pcs Solar Panel 120W

  • Huge Capacity and load: 1500Wh/1000W(Max.), overload capacity: 1000W ≤load<1200W @2Min; 1200W≤load @1s.
  • Built in Top-Brand Lithium Polymer battery cell, reliable and safe assured.
  • All-in-1 power station with various outputs: 2*AC outlets for most household appliance under 1000W, 1*DC12V for car powered devices, 1*PD Type-C (Max 45W) for USB-C devices, 4*5V3A(Max) USB.
  • AC/Solar recharged: it takes 8-8.5hrs to be fully charged by AC wall outlet. Charge time varies on the solar panel(higher power of the panel, shorter charge time)
  • PV input: 16-68V/max.500W. MPPT highefficient solar charging.
  • Regulated 12V.
  • Pure sine-wave.
  • Battery management system (BMS),Multi-protection,moresafeguards.
  • Size&net weight: 14.6*6.5*14.4inch,37.9lb.
  • 24 month replacement or maintenance warranty.
EB150 Portable Power Station, Power Outdoor.
  • The Poweroak EB150 is a HUGE CAPACITY portable power station with lithium ion battery capacity of 1500Wh ( Li-ion battery cell, 101351mAh/14.8V ( equivalent to 405, 405mAh 3.7V)), 1000W pure sine wave output, PD Type-C Quick Charge (Max.45W), and Two ways of recharging (solar / wall).
  • Capacity:1500Wh (405000mAh/3.7V , 101351mAh/14.8V)
  • Battery: Li-ion battery cell, 101351mAh/14.8V
  • AC/PV Input: 7.9*0.9mm DC, 42V/200W, OCV 16V~68V/MAX.10A
  • AC Output: 220V, Max.1000W
  • Car Port: DC 12V/9A

1500Wh/1000W (Max.), Longest Lasting Lithium Power Station, Specially Designed for High-power Device Such as Blender, Drill, Hair Dryer (Max.1000W).

Built in Top-brand lithium ion battery cell, Safety and Quality is Rest Assured. Battery Management System (BMS), Protect from Overvoltage, Overcurrent, Short-circuit, Temperature Control & more Safeguards.

MC4 Solar Charging Cable is Included, No need other Charge Controller; Pure sine-wave, power more safe, better protect your device during charging. Auto Shut off after Fully Charged;

2*AC Outlets (Standard AC220V EU Plug) for Most Household Appliance under 1000W. 1*DC12V for Car Powered Devices like Car Fridge, Car Vacuum Cleaner, 1*PD Type-C (Max 45W) for USB-C Devices Such as Laptop MacBook & PD USB-C Phones, 4*5V3A (Max) USB for phones, Tablets, Camera, etc. Keep Multi Devices Powered.

The Power Generator Can be Recharged with Solar Panel (Open Circuit Voltage must be 16V~60V(Max), Max 500W, Solar Panel not Included). Charge Time varies on the Solar Panel (Higher Power of the Panel, Shorter Charge Time you will Get), eg. 300W Solar Panel: About 5-5.5Hrs. 3*150W Panel in Series: About 3.5-4Hrs.

The regulated dc 12v is used to charge some car powered devices like car cleaner, car fridge, car vacuum, car cooker and so on, the constant 12v can better protect your device and charge it smoothly.